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Beauty has NO Size!


Did you know that today is National Plus Size Appreciation Day?! In my lifetime, I have been MANY different sizes. One thing that has remained the same confidence and my love for fashion & style - of course! I know we haven't connected in awhile, but I needed to talk about this TUHDAY!

Often times on some of our favorite blogs, Instagram and Favorite Influencers …we hear the terms self-confidencebody positivity…etc. The real question is, what do these terms mean to you? One of my favorite quotes by the Queen B herself (Beyonce’, of course lol) is … “ Be healthy and take care of yourself. But be happy with all of the beautiful things that make you…YOU.”

Here is the thing, your self-confidence shouldn’t solely be tied to how you look – but more so based on who you are! There is no one in this world that is like you and that alone is a superpower. Listen, you have so much to offer to this world….refuse to give any energy to self-doubt.

Here are some of my favorite tips & I hope they are helpful to you too:

1. Speak words of affirmation over yourself – only speak what you seek.

2. If you’re not happy with your current body – set small goals that will lead to a change! However, still appreciate where you are now - and ENJOY the journey.

3. Develop relationships with people that are aligned with your goals and future!

4. Be patient, any type of change always takes time, energy and consistent effort.

Lastly, I’d like to challenge you to spread more LOVE & LIGHT. You are only as beautiful as the energy that you share with others.

Here are the details on today's look:

Dress: H&M

Heels: Ego Official

Earrings: ASOS

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