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Yes, it's Fall - but it's still HOT!

This is the time of year where North Carolina weather can be a bit tricky. Although it is well into the Fall season, we are still experiencing very warm temperatures. So, what does that mean when it pertains to fall fashion?........ GET CREATIVE! Fall looks aren't limited to sweaters, boots and ripped jeans.....

#1 It's okay to mix summer and fall pieces! Trust me!

#2 Use what you have! Check your wardrobe for "staple" wardrobe pieces. One my "must haves" will always be a simple midi dress.

Your wardrobe shouldn't be complex but rather just an expression of who you are. Just know that there is always a style solution and you just have to make fashion work for you!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Target (Who What Wear Collection)

Heels: Target (Who What Wear Collection)


Earrings: Dillards

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